Georges Chakra Fall 2011

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Hey, thanks. I don’t actually go to specific websites, to find fashion. I google image search fashion weeks from around the globe. How I determine what pieces make the cut is a bit more complex, but I try to shy from FWNY and Couture Week Paris, and seek out less recognized but equally amazing events. For instance, I always find gold in Fashion Week Jakarta or Fashion Week Barcelona. I want to find somethong awesome in every country, and share it with the world. It really opened my eyes. I never expected some of my absolute favorite talents to be coming out of Lebanon, Pakistan, China, and Indonesia. Not because I expected designers, there, to be any less skilled. But because I’d never really thought to look outside of France and Italy. If you’re looking for a fashion site that’s well put together, I recommend and I am not affiliated with either of these sites, I just think they’re cutting edge. Edit: And if I feel like my posting is in a rut, I just stop posting. /u/hollywoodshowbox and /u/lemonylips really pick up the slack, at those times.

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