Naeem Khan, Fall 2015 RTW

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Christian Dior – Spring Couture 2009

What he said was very ugly and cringeworthy for sure. Chanel was vocal about her anti-semitism following her protracted legal battle with the Wertheimer brothers for control of Parfums Chanel. But her actual status as a nazi spy was hidden from the public until

Lanvin, 1954. Imagine this on.

Oh yes. I would like this very, very much. I actually dream about having a dress collection, which is weird, because I don’t wear dress IRL all that often. But this would absolutely be one of them.

Bibhu Mohapatra – Spring RTW 2014

Haha, my pleasure – thanks for noticing! I like sharing my finds with everyone and gauging the reaction. Hopefully this subreddit will start picking up with other people posting – I have to go back to work in a few weeks and won’t be