Carven – Fall RTW 2014

COATS! BOOTS! YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!! This is gorgeous, but…. well, there’s a face in there and I can’t unsee it now. The sparkly patches on the chest are the eyes, the middle button is the nose, and the belt buckle is the mouth. Reminds me a

Leila Hafzi 2013

That’s what I love about costuming, you don’t need a special occasion like a wedding, you make it, and you wear it because you can! Or because of one of the many, many events that can happen year round, depending on how much you

Dior, Haute Couture 2007

This shot makes me feel like the original post is an awkward photo of the dress. I really like the concept of the garment, but in the first photo, the waist looks boxy and the skirt just falls straight down after all of that

Givenchy, Spring Couture 2010

I’ve grown to like this dress! I remember when Zoe Saldana [wore it at the Academy Awards in 2010]( I thought it was heinous, but now I appreciate the texture, ombre, and the top that doesn’t quite match the rest. It is, at the